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Give Real Estate Terms A New Direction For A Better You

What if we used Real Estate Terms that we are inundated with everyday to build a stronger business and lifestyle? 


Let’s face it, life happens. The one thing that we all know is that mindset matters. We know that our thoughts become things. We know that if we focus on problems or all the “ Stuff “ we didn’t ask to happen, we get to a feeling of defeat. The 21 - 90 rule tells us that it if we commit to a professional or personal goal for 21 days it should have become a habit. And, once you have established the habit, you continue for another ninety days. Repetition becomes habit. The longer you do it, the more effective it becomes. 


As professionals we have goals and aspirations. Sometimes in our busy, hectic lives it’s hard to achieve them. We have allowed society, friends, family and even the news to tell us how we should talk, walk, dress, act or react. It's been drilled into us so much that it has formed negative habits. 


Change Your Mindset - Mindfulness for Realtors


What if we took a different approach to affirmations that are meant to change our mindset ? How many times have you started them and never followed through? How many times have you tried to change a negative mindset to a positive one only to start and never finish. Then, you beat yourself about it and stay in that defeat more. Part of getting things right and completing goals is accepting YOU. Accepting you for who you are, what you have accomplished and even embracing the tribulations because they have all been learning experiences. Maybe we can’t get affirmations correct because they just don’t feel “ normal “ to us. Maybe they seem “ Out there “ and we have set ourselves up for failure because of how we really feel about them.

What if, instead, we learned to accept ourselves for who we really are using terms we work with everyday so that is does become a habit? What if every time we looked at a word it brings us back to how we should really be viewing and/or accepting ourselves. Let’s face it, unless we change how we think about ourselves and start accepting us for us, no amount of affirmations will work. Positive thinking will be short lived and not become a habit.If we are what we think then shouldn’t we first start with how we view ourselves? If we do not, every goal, professional or personal will never come to fruition because we will never believe that we can accomplish them.

I think it's time we stop comparing ourselves to each other and start accepting us for us !

How would you use these Real Estate Terms to build a better you and business ? Are there others you would add? My hope is that you never look at these terms the same again. You'll work with them everyday. Imagine how much your mindset will change if you put them into action in a new way. 


Inspection - Maybe we should take the time to inspect our thoughts, our hopes, dreams and desires. Learn to inspect our hearts and minds and get rid of the things that no longer serve us so that we can be more mindful of our thoughts and how they affect us. 


As Is - What if we just accepted ourselves “ As Is “ even with our faults. Not allowing it to matter what society thinks we should be, what size we are or what we drive ? We can’t be our best selves if we are living a life based on other’s standards. Accept yourself as is and others will accept you as well. 


Closing - Chapters of our lives close and new ones open. This is the wheel of the world. People and things come and go and that is how it is supposed to happen. Things and people are often here for a season to teach us things. Closing doors allows new ones to open. Don’t leave the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. Close the chapters that need closing and allow for new ones to open. It is okay to let go of the things that do not bring you peace. 

Fixer Upper - We all go through those times when we need to fix what is broken. Whether it be in our career, relationships or even how we view ourselves. If we are doing it right, we are always looking to be better and do better. We are a constant work in progress and that is okay. It is okay to examine who you are, the people you allow into your life and personal space and take action to remove what doesn’t bring us joy. 


Contract - The first thing we should have is a contract with ourselves. A contract to be treated the way we deserve to be treated, to not settle for less than we deserve. To treat others with the same respect we want to be treated with and to learn to take care of our mind and body first and foremost. It is NOT selfish and take care of yourself!


Assessed Value - How do you assess your value? Is it by how many friends you have, how many houses you have sold, how much money in the bank? If you asked a friend, loved one or business affiliate how they would assess your value, my guess, it would have nothing to do with those things, but everything to do with your heart. How you react to situations, how you problem solve, how you help others, how you love, trust and care. So, why are you not assessing your value on the things that really matter ? 


New Construction - We are brand new. Yes, after we inspect ourselves, close doors that need to be closed, contract with ourselves to be and do better and assess our value, we are newly constructed. We have found new strategies of coping, loving, releasing, loving, hoping and so much more for a brighter future and even stronger business.


Foundation - Physical appearance isn't everything. It is how you carry yourself. It is what is on the inside that matters. You cannot see the homes foundation, but you know it is strong. The foundation of a home has to carry blocks, concrete, wood and so many other materials that make a house strong. They are meticulously placed with positive attributes, so that the foundation can hold something beautiful, that you eventually get to call home. You will only be as good as your foundation, so make it strong. 


Real Estate Terms For A Better Experience


Remember, the grass is always greener where you water it. 


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Comment balloon 2 commentsKat DeLong • September 26 2019 03:05PM


Thanks Kat DeLong I love real estate terms. Here are some more: "Artsy Bungalow", Cozy, Energy Efficient (clothesline and window screens?), Breath Taking Views, Great Bones, Ready for your Imagination, Creative Floorplan, or Easy Access (borders freeway?)....Jeff 

Posted by Jeff Masich-Scottsdale AZ Associate Broker,MBA,GRI, Arizona Homes and Land Group/ Buy or Sell (HomeSmart Real Estate) 22 days ago

Hi Kat - I like the unique way you approach the topic of becoming and being a better "you". Sometimes it is about discloure and discovery, isn't it?  

Posted by Michael Jacobs, Los Angeles Pasadena 818.516.4393 22 days ago