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Why You Shouldn't D-I-Y Your Real Estate Transactions

There are a lot of great things to DIY. I've seen some killer china hutches turned into the coolest rustic units for bathroom storage. I've seen old Armoire's turned into a beautiful craft station and I've even seen some old cars turned into the coolest lawn ornaments, full of lush flowers and bushes. If you've ever spent an hour on pinterest you can pretty much find anything you need to DIY and that includes some pretty clever Real Estate jargon. I once saw a package of Goldfish crackers wrapped in pretty cello bags, tied with a ribbon and closed with a tag that reads " I'm fishing for your referrals "( today, those very crackers are recalled for salmonella ).... Now, while all of this sounds fun, maybe even humorous, if you've been around pinterest long enough, you have probably seen your fair share of epic DIY fails. From ads gone totally wrong and unprofessional to Buzz Light-year cakes that look more like Mr. Potato Head.


It's obvious that some things should be left to professionals. If you came home one day and found water squirting out of your electrical outlet, while you might think twice on whether you should call a plumber or electrician ( who wouldn't at that point ), the fact is, you aren't going to call your cousin who can paint a mean ombre wall. Right ? There is a time and a place for DIY, but if you want to ensure that all of your rights, finance's and investments are protected, you call a professional. A professional who knows the journey from start to finish. To do otherwise would be like taking financial advice from someone who just declared bankruptcy. Let.That.Sink.In





You need a Realtor When Purchasing A Home

Why You Shouldn't D-I-Y Your Real Estate Transaction

For starters, when you are handed the keys to your new home, you are being handed the keys to your investment and your future. You do not want to start this process being upside down in equity or full of repairs and problems that will cost you thousands of dollars. Remember, there is no landlord to call and fix a termite problem, a lead based paint problem, faulty electric or leaking plumbing. When those keys are handed to you, that home if yours. The responsibility is now on you. 


Realtors are connected to everyone. 

From local and national professionals, Realtors make it their business to know everyone. From home inspectors that can save you thousands on hidden problems in a home, to real estate attorneys, a home stager, designers, mortgage brokers and more. Realtors make it a point to network with professionals who can help your home buying process be a smooth one.


More Power To Search For Homes 
You can find almost anything these days on the Internet, but there are some hidden gems that you may not be able to find on your own. When you work with a Realtor they have access to more homes that may not be readily available during your Internet search. 


More negotiating skills

When purchasing a home you can almost always expect some competition, from all out bidding wars to all cash offers. Having a Realtor on your side means having a professional negotiator to ensure the best deal for you. Not only will they fight the bidding wars for you, they will ensure all contracts and contingencies are in place that allow you the time you need to complete necessary home inspections and anything else that is crucial to securing a home.


The unmatched expertise of a Realtor

Realtors have complete access to the MLS, things and real estate terms you won't understand and/or that you cannot see publicly. Their experience and expertise on area's and topics eliminate costly mistakes that you may incur on your own. From percolation tests on vacant land to surveys and boundary lines to illegal and un-permitted additions on single family homes. 


What Some of  My Customers and other Professionals Have Said About Me 


" The absolute best Realtor in town! She loves and cares about her clients, and is a total Lake Arrowhead historian...she knows everything about this town and the people who built it. Excellent source of fun facts while providing the very best in real estate services " Christen


" Kat is the best agent in Arrowhead. She really knows the mountain and understands the market. We would use her again in a heartbeat. We have referred others to her and will continue to do so. She's also lots of fun! You have to spend a lot of time with your agent. So enjoying it is a good thing. "  Christie


" Kat is the agent I refer in Lake Arrowhead area. She is knowledgeable about relocating, knows the market and I know she will take great care of any client I send her. " Sherry


Protect yourself, your investment and your future. You are not making over an old china hutch. Some things simply cannot be undone once they are done. It doesn't matter if you are buying or selling. Hire a professional Realtor who is trained to ensure you are protected.


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