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Are You Disciplined Enough To Boost Your Real Estate Business In 2019

The New Year is quickly approaching and so are goals and resolutions. Are you disciplined enough to stick to the goals and resolutions you are creating in 2019 or will they quickly fade in the background ? Goals and resolutions are great. It gives us a starting point but it is never enough to just state " I will boost my business ", " I will lose weight ", " I will.... " As we sit around Starbucks, sipping our Lattes, are you putting these goals and resolutions to paper ? If not, you have already created goals and resolutions that will fade in the background and become the least important thing you focus on; because life and business will get in the way.


Every good goal and resolution begins with a plan. You cannot expect either to be viable without accountability. By writing out your plan, you keep yourself accountable and reminded of not only what your goals are, but why you have created them in the first place. By knowing the " Why " you tend to stay on track longer, generally reaching the finishing line because not only can you see what the result will be, you can also " feel " it. The positive emotion that is created when you know the why, see the why, helps to keep you on track and gives the motivation needed to see it through. 


How To Boost Your Business In The New Year


How and Where to Start 

A goal or resolution is nothing without two things : Action and Purpose 

  • Create Your Goal : I want to boost my business and earnings in 2019, I want to close XXX number of houses, for example.
  • Create The Purpose : Why do you want to do this ? What is your goal ? Is a fancy trip, is it to retire sooner ? Whatever your purpose is, you have to include this because it is the purpose that will keep you motivated. The purpose is what you " feel " every single time you look at your list and this is the recipe for success.
  • Create Your Action : How will you accomplish this ? What are the best strategies that you can pursue through your knowledge and/or research that will bring you closer to your goal ? 

What are some of the ways you can create the action steps needed to reach your goal ? 

  1. Brand yourself everywhere so that people remember you. What sets you apart from the rest in your business? What specific certifications do you hold ? What do you specialize in ? Do you have a favorite color, symbol, quote, habit, fun things, quirky thing etc that you can become known for. Stop settling. Stop being bland. Stop being comfortable and boring. Stay compliant, but be YOU, the authentic you.
  2. Build relationships and you build trust. Sometimes, we forget that we are human. And, if we forget and don't show that side of us, how is the world and the people in it suppose to know ? Not everything has to be " Salesy ". Grow your audience by highlighting your favorite things, places, traditions. When people get to know you, they begin trusting you. When they trust you, they will continue to look for your wisdom, humor and knowledge. Ultimately, they will feel as though they know you and will be more prone to contacting you with important life decisions like buying or selling a home.
  3. Grow your reach on multiple platforms. The best thing you can do is to diversify. Do not put yourself solely in a Facebook bubble. Utilize other resources and platforms in social media, your website, magazines, online blogs, journals, etc. A great example is Pinterest - create boards for both buyers and sellers, offer tips on decorating, how to sell during the holidays, meal prepping, etc. You are expanding your reach, showing off your human side and offering valuable information that everyday people just like you are needing and wanting. Stay connected.
  4. Pay someone. We are all stretched way to thin. In order to make money we have to spend money. Determine what tasks you simply do not like, what you don't have time for and delegate those those to someone else. Not doing them at all is not beneficial. The goal is to love what you do and that sometimes means delegating what you do not love to someone else.
  5. Up your SEO game. Google has made many changes. Do you know what they are ? Knowledge is power. This will benefit your blog, vlog, website and most online resources you utilize for your business. Did you know Google+ had another breach and are closing in April which is 4 months ahead of their closing the site down schedule ? It doesn't matter if you use it or not - this could be another platform you are using. Being in the loop, it makes a difference.

While these are only some of the things you can do to increase your productivity and boost your business in 2019, it is important to remember that your goal, purpose and action steps should be revisited. Do not just make your list, actually continue to review it, revise it and continue putting one foot in front of the other. This will become a disciplined habit that can and will lead to accomplishing your goals. 


Happy New Year ! May it be prosperous, safe, healthy and abundant. 


Happy New Year Goal Planning 2019

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