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I feel like Ricky Nelson....WENT TO THE GARDEN PARTY

I now know exactly what Ricky Nelson meant when he sang his famous tune, "Went to the Garden Party....they all knew my recognized me...I didn't look the same."  See, I left my current area seven years ago and just moved back a couple of months ago. When I started going on tour,  again, I thought it was funny when people (Realtors I had worked with for yrs) walked right by me--After looking me right in my face. They do NOT know who I am.

Now, after quite a few weeks of touring under my belt, it's no longer funny. Man! Do I look that bad? I know I've put on a few lbs (well, quite a few), and my mug has some new wrinkles. But hey, those faces peering at me as they stroll by wondering, WHO is THAT? look "different, too." I suppose, to be fair, if you see the same folks week after week, you don't notice the changes like you do after a seven year absence.

So far, I've ONLY spoke up ONCE--to a really good friend. I tapped her on the shoulder and when she turned, I KNEW she had no idea who I was. So, quickly, as not to embarrass us both, I told her. She was sweet and said I looked great, etc...  She IS sweet! Other than her, I just keep my mouth shut and let them ALL keep guessing  who their new competition is.  Maybe I'll keep my trap shut until I lose some weight (of course, that may never happen).

Or, maybe I won't say anything, ever.

P.S.  Did I tell you my last name has changed...along with my body and face? It has. So WHEN they check out the business card I  leave at a home on tour, it is of NO help. 

Okay--maybe this is funny.

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Comment balloon 22 commentsKat DeLong • March 27 2008 04:44PM
I feel like Ricky Nelson… WENT TO THE GARDEN PARTY
I now know exactly what Ricky Nelson meant when he sang his famous tune, "Went to the Garden Party… they all knew my name… no-one recognized me… I didn't look the same. " See, I left my current area seven years ago and just moved… more
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